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Author Interview with Sue A. Hart

Author Interview with Sue A Hart

Sue Hart is finally delving into the world of publishing and I, for one, couldn't be more excited. Her first novel, Challenges, is set for release on June 20, 2018, and is now available for pre-order!

She is a fantastic writer who has helped many authors while on her own journey - myself included. I am happy that she took the time to answer a few questions about her writing process, the stories that readers have fallen in love with, and her future publication plans. You can look into all the books that are up-and-coming from Sue Hart at Amazon.
Q. Does writing energize or exhaust you? A. Energize to the point of obsession. I can be on one story, get an idea for another and write multiple chapters at one sitting until my discipline returns enough to go back to the other book. It isn't unusual for me to write both. I bore easily and creativity is never boring. But I am self-motivating too, so I tend to go with the book that I know I can complete quickly. Q. Have you ever gotten reader's block? A. I never have. Stories come to me with the plot. I see it as it develops. Then I see the characters and their part in presenting that plot. What they are like, what kind of antagonist (silly, stupid, mean, jealous), is the heroine sweet, serious, fun? But I do not like wimpy females. Not even for an antagonist. People who whine about their situation don't creat fans. People avoid them. Sad is different. There can be a solid reason for it that the character has to overcome. I believe my methos of storytelling can come from many directions. I recently asked this question to other writers and they told me how they found inspiration. It boils down to one thing. Imagination. I believe many are born with it. A child will tell you stories. Ask them questions and they will give you a plot. Q. Do you try to be more original or to deliver to readers what they want? A. Both. I have discovered what kind of characters the majority of readers like. I know they like to laugh, have an adventure, and get so involved with the book, they can't sleep. Women like romance, men like it too, especially from a male perspective. Flirting wins both, especially with comedy thrown in. The plot comes from my interest and the topic I believe has some depth. If I have to spend hours researching, like I have for a few of my books, I want to be interested in it. I write Romance genre with comedy, adventure, suspense and so forth. It depends on my research topic. Not everyone like the same thing, but most enjoy situation comedy, even enough to read a book they have doubts about. Q. What other authors are you friends with and how do they help you become a better writer? A. This is a great question. I have over 300 friends who are authors because of reading sites I've belonged to over the years. I'd say that twenty have freely advised me with specifics, while many others just encourage. I did not study writing, journalism, or anything similar in school. If I had, by the time I began writing, I would have forgotten most of it. I know how to tell a story--like it comes to me. What I was ignorant of was the structure. How to make a reader gobble up every word while hating to put it down. This kind of information was trickled down from many ideas from writers. But how many quthors had books that were read cover-to-cover hating to put it down? What's the key? Those are the people you listen to. I did, but also to Hollywood. They introduce the character in a scene which begins the plot. Page one. They don't tell you abou tit like you're blind, they show it. If a book narrates the first page or more, my mind won't cooperate. Put me in the middle of it with action going on and I'm entranced. So I write what I like. Q. Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book? A. This question fits into what I'm trying to do. My readers on Wattpad didn't want my stories to end. Not because they were 'cut off' but because they loved the characters. So, I decided to connect each book I write, even though they are all standalone novels. I will present the older characters briefly to let the reader see them and their family. Down the line, those children will grow up and get their own book decades down the line. My blurb will guide a reader as to the order of guest appearances. These will connect the books over decades and continents. Q. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? A. Hold on. After explaining my plans and how I write, you know it's a high number. Three are heading for publication in the next few months. One needs edits, and then it's going to publication. Two are half-finished. Four have the outlines and first ten chapters. I'm trying to have them all in publication by the end of 2019. Want to know more? Visit Sue A. Hart on her blog: Books, Authors and Me. Again, her novel is set for release on Amazon June 20, 2018! Over 200,000 readers on Wattpad have already fallen in love with this book and I recommend it. Sue has the amazing ability to suck you into the worlds that she creates until you are not only believing the story is happening like a movie in your head, you are crying and celebrating along with the characters. You can read a sample of this story, along with the comments from readers that loved it, here.

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