Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Reluctant Pen

So many people love to write and can't bring themselves to tell anyone about this passion that they have. For years, I kept my love for writing to myself - even denying it to myself. On one hand, this  allowed for an amazing experience I wouldn't have discovered otherwise: reading. This is the most invaluable learning tool a writer can have. Not only do you get to enjoy a new world, love, pain or information on what interests you, you learn the craft. You know, without having to open a textbook, that you enjoy a good 'voice' or so-called flow. You see the way your favourite authors write and hope to emulate them, not just in their success but their style (without copying it). This works in the opposite way, as well. After reading as much as you can, you know what you don't like, and what style you wish to never be compared to.