Saturday, 5 May 2018

Time Crunching

I really want to thank everyone for being so patient. I am ALMOST done with editing Fate's Revenge. It is so hard to dedicate the time to do this as I am immersing myself back into the writing community - there are so many authors I haven't talked to in ages, not to mention all of the new and exciting books that I have missed out on over the last few years! It's hard to dedicate myself to just one task. I want to read, edit, promote, search the web... it's endless, really.

Unfortunately, I still work full time and the demands from this are getting larger as I just won an award for receiving the top mark in my designation for 2017, plus a stream of industry and company events that I am obligated to participate in (adulting can be a pain!) are pulling me in many, many directions. First and foremost - ALWAYS - the majority of my time is for my daughter. At nine-years-old, she still says, "I love you," and asks for kisses goodnight, so I don't want to miss the few years that I have left with that.

To be serious, though, I will be posting a pre-order date for Fate's Revenge soon. I am hoping this will now be weeks rather than months away as I am in the last ten chapters and then all that remains is the formatting :) The cover is done. I have read all the way to where I left off writing the final book, Fate's Escape so Fate's Disguise will be set to release shortly after Fate's Revenge while I finish the last half of Fate's Escape. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to 'finally' get the fourth instalment out into the world.


Sasha Leigh

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