Monday, 26 May 2014

Take the Poll

Considering my earlier post, this couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Despite the headache, I am happy it has happened - maybe others will learn from this mistake. Unbound is the third title I chose for my first series, which has two books written to date. I thought I was done making changes regarding its name; however, I found another series written by a well-known author with the same name. Even more, someone else has a series called Forsaken, which was my second choice next to Unbound because it is the name of the first novel. To really ice the cake, the Forsaken series written by another author has a book called Forgotten as its third installment - that was to be the second title in 'my' series.

I have come up with a few more titles, but cannot narrow it down on my own. I've decided to take a poll - what do YOU think it should be called? Take the poll and choose from four possibilities. There's even room to suggest something that hasn't been mentioned. A few weeks before publishing, I will reveal the winner and new cover with the winning title. Again, take the poll. There is nothing more enlightening than feedback from those who will want to read it!

Use this as a tool to learn from - I have. Whenever you are at the naming stage, search Google - or whatever engine suites your fancy - and double-check how unique you've managed to be. Setting aside copyright issues, which frankly, I know nada about, it's poor taste to copy another. It sets you apart, sure, but not in a very good way. I know I won't ever make this mistake twice. It's time consuming, not just to come up with a new title, but change everything over: covers, banners, social media pages, etc.


Sasha Leigh

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